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More and more people are looking to take control of where and how their pension is invested and a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) enables them to do that. With people concerned that their pensions are not performing as well as expected and having seen that despite the recent downturn, land and property around the world increase in value over the longer term, in many cases outperforming the stock market, its only natural that people want to invest their pensions in the global property market.

A large number of clients we spoke to recently have told us that they have transferred funds from the pension fund they have been contributing to into a SIPP. We are not suggesting this is suitable for everyone and if contemplating this, you should seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser.

Current investment opportunities that are suitable for a SIPP are:

Greengold, Argentina - Range of options to invest in arable land which offer Investors high annual income plus a capital return at the end of the investment

2. Hotel Royal, Frankfurt - Hotel room ownership is a proven investment model which has been highly successful and lucrative in the USA, Canada and the Middle East. Movewithus international investor are offering the same investment model within the security of one of the most dynamic and best performing economic regions in Europe.

3. Propfund Germany - Invest in the highly attractive niche market of German residential rental property.  This high yielding fund aims to provide an initial income of 7% per annum, rising to 10% over the course of the investment.

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