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Overseas Mortgages

Here at Movewithus we place great value in our clients knowing all there is to know about purchasing property overseas. We cannot emphasise enough the value of taking expert, impartial advice at every stage of your property purchase/transaction. From an impartial Lawyer, to an Accountant, from a Surveyor to an Architect, your finance, we believe to be no different.

There are principally three ways to fund a property purchase abroad:

1. Combination of a cash deposit and an overseas mortgage
2. Combination of a cash deposit and UK mortgage funds and transport the money abroad
3. Combination of UK funds and overseas funds

In our experience many of our clients have been unable to receive the advice they have needed to structure their finances across Europe, and sometimes beyond.  Not only do you have all the usual decisions to make when the property is at home here in the UK, for instance location, accommodation and affordability, but add to these a foreign language, an unfamiliar process and potential currency exchange risk, we think that you may be glad of some helpful advice, available in one place.

Many clients have found to their cost, at a later date, that by not seeking impartial expert advice from an independent financial advisor to be detrimental to their overall strategy. When this happens some clients have had to make certain concessions as they have progressed which they may not, in an ideal world, wished to have made.

It is with this in mind that Movewithus are pleased to inform you of our affiliation with Connect Overseas to provide our clients expert and independent financial advice, not only here in the UK, but also across Europe and beyond.

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