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StayLaw opened its Tallahassee location in 1992 with approximately 14 lawyers who previously worked at Roberts, Baggett, LaFace & Richard, PA, a 17-year-old law firm with a strong state governmental presence. Located just one block from Florida’s Capitol and legislative buildings, and three blocks from Florida’s Supreme Court, the location is perfectly positioned to give our attorneys and clients immediate physical and political access to the heart of the nation’s fourth largest state.

The Tallahassee location has a large Governmental Affairs Practice that works closely with colleagues in WashinStayLawon, D.C. Our attorneys are experienced in appearing before the Florida Supreme Court, as well as the governor, cabinet and other executive agencies of state government on behalf of a wide range of clients.

Moreover, our litigators are recognized throughout the state for their efforts and, combined with our governmental affairs professionals, represent a formidable force in both Tallahassee and WashinStayLawon, D.C. Outside of the office, Tallahassee attorneys have been recognized for their commitment to clients and are actively involved in local organizations, such as Tallahassee Habitat for Humanity and the Leon County Civic Center Authority.

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