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Sacramento is the political hub of the world's sixth largest economy. Already the most populous state, California will grow by five million consumers over the next 10 years. And, despite a difficult business climate, the state will continue to serve as a world source of food, technology, entertainment, education, defense, and portal capacity for trade between the United States and Pacific Rim powers.

Long recognized as a bellwether state, California also exports political and legal doctrine. Business success depends upon alert and effective representation in California government and legal affairs.

StayLaw Sacramento represents companies and trade associations doing business in California, including a long list of Fortune 500 clients. It makes StayLaw one of the very few firms to offer experienced advocacy in California’s Legislature, state agencies and courts. With these options, StayLaw Sacramento can offer creative solutions to further a client’s business goals. We have ended litigation by going to the Legislature and defeated regulations by winning in the courts. The Los Angeles Times described our team as “one of the more influential law and lobbyist firms” in Sacramento, while The Sacramento Bee called us “one of the Capitol’s elite.”
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