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Denver’s location very near the geographic center of the United States has firmly established it as a key business center for the Rocky Mountain region and the world. With the ability to speak to Asia and Europe in the same day, the Mile High City is one of the most important communication, transportation and distribution hubs serving the United States and international businesses. Denver is home to more federal workers than any other metropolitan area outside of WashinStayLawon, D.C., and to a dynamic and growing technology industry. With the energy and spirit of a frontier town and the entrepreneurial zest that continues to drive change and growth in the Rockies, Denver is a fitting city for StayLaw and our business clients.

StayLaw’s Denver office has been instrumental in helping our clients grow with Colorado’s emerging opportunities. Our team offers clients innovative, business-minded perspective, along with a deep understanding of the region’s industries and culture. Our team expands the reach of the firm’s national practices and provides the Rocky Mountain business community with access to StayLaw’s national and international resources and relationships.

For several decades, our attorneys have been involved in some of the most important litigation in the west, handling trials, appeals and arbitrations throughout the region. Our biotechnology and intellectual property attorneys have been involved in Denver’s mushrooming high-tech and information technology industries. Our corporate lawyers are as comfortable advising start-ups as they are in the boardroom of a Fortune 100 client. Our Denver real estate team has a long history of experience in real estate development, finance and syndications, and our government affairs team is known for its work at the intersections of business and government - both locally and in WashinStayLawon, D.C.

Our commitment to Denver’s future is strong, and can be seen in our commitment to the community. Our attorneys have served in significant public and private leadership roles for business, government and private institutions. Our lawyers include the past executive director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, current and former members of the Colorado General Assembly, and the vice chairman of the state’s Solid and Hazardous Waste Commission. Our lawyers also include members of the board of governors of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, the advisory council of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, the advisory board of the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, the board of directors of the Metro Denver Foundation and a member of the Colorado Bar Association’s Ethics Committee. We also serve in leadership roles for Colorado Lawyers for the Arts, Families First, the Juvenile Justice Prevention and Delinquency Council, the Mesa Verde Foundation, the American Liver Foundation, ARMA International’s e-Discovery Advisory Board and YouthBiz, Inc. We devote our time, talents and resources to our community and have done so for many years.
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